Gang Leader Ratting:3.25/5

Gang Leader Movie Review

Starring : Nani, Karthikeya, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Lakshmi, Saranya, Priyadarshi, Vennela Kishore

Director : Vikram Kumar

Producers : Y Naveen, Y Ravi and Mohan Cherukuri

Music Director : Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography : Mirosla Kuba Brojek

Editor : Naveen Nooli.



Gang Leader is Nani’s first collaboration with the super talented Vikram Kumar. The film is a fun revenge drama and has hit the screens today. Let’s talk about  the movie.Nani played a character as pencil parthasarathy.

A crazy bank robbery happens in Hyderaba d in that robbery 300 crores are robbed.There was a old lady(Laxmi).She wants to take a revenge on Dev(Karthikeya).so, she forms a gand of 5 members those were ladies and these gang approaches  Pencil Parthasarathy (Nani),he was a criminal novel specialist.The gang reaches him for the heip but the pencil avoids the gang and later on he fights for them he decided to help them. Who are these women? What do they have to do with the bank robbery? How will Pencil help them? To know this , watch the movie in thearters don’t miss it. Diffidently you will enjoy these movie.

The director vikram kumar has done a fabulous job, nani acting is good, story is good, karthiekeya acting was good,screen play is good, Anirudh music director, the songs are also very good overall it’s a good entertainer movie.   

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